On the over Night Shift at Work

For the past two weeks I have been On the over night shift at work. It is not any fun and I usually doze off at some point. They found me asleep at my desk the other morning, but it looked as though I had been working at the time. I was lucky that the boss did not come in and see me asleep with the no deposit online casino on my computer. Of course I did not use my work computer for that. Instead I have this ultra light laptop computer that is good for stuff like that and not much else. A friend of mine gave it to me because it did not work and I had a pretty good time getting it to act like it was going to work. It took me about a week and a half to fix it

I had to wipe it clean and do a fresh install of Windows 7, the operating system that was on it was Windows 8. In theory that is a better operating system for the type of computer that this is, but I never liked it personally and I just went to a spare copy of Windows 7 that I had laying around. It has rather low specs though and it is not designed to do heavy duty work to be honest. It is designed so that a woman can carry it in her purse, or at least one of those big totes without it being a burden. It is the sort of device you would use for travel because it has a really nice battery life if you are just using it for the sort of thing that you are likely to use it for. It is great for carrying around and using for simple stuff.If you are interested in detailed and in-depth reviews about various online casinos which is also accompanied by a rating based on several important factors, then visit https://www.casinobonusmaster.com/online-slots for more information.